Board of Trustees and Staff


Board of Trustees

President - Kathleen Walsh

Vice-President Michael Hatcher

Treasurer - Paula Blackmore

Secretary Luigia Solda

Board Members

Mary Costello

Ward Harrison Sr.

Melissa Moroni

Luana Stearns-Towne

Sheri Vieira



 Director Cynthia Muhlbach

Assistant Director Frank Floor

Manager/Department Head - Maxine Paquette

Children's/Young Adult Services Librarians Michael Cardin and Carol Derosier

Technical Services Librarian Patricia Remavich

Library Associates Eileen Grenga and Bethany Mott (Circulation Head)

Library Technician Marilyn Landolfi, Donna Lessard

Aides/Pages Margaret Dyer, Bobbie-Jo Flori, Katarina Gillis, Vincent Styron

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